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Sunday, November 13, 2022

I Hurt Myself

 Hey... I hurt my right front leg. 

Apparently I got a little too exuberant during play this morning, and now I'm limping. Bleeder thinks it's the shoulder. Bleeder thinks I "tweaked" something. Bleeder is a horrible person for not rushing me to the Vet ER for immediate treatment and a McDonalds plain burger on the way home. Toast said "that's what happens when you race through the house like a crazed weasel when the Dyson vacuum comes out". Bleeder mentioned that I probably stepped in one of the millions of little holes I've dig-dugged. I live with monsters.

Sure, I can run down the deck stairs and chase a squirrel without a problem. I can also use it to claw Bleeder when she's not sharing her pop tart quick enough. My only bartering tool is that I'm very stoic about it... when huskies are stoic, it's usually catastrophic, and when it's nothing, we scream like banshees. This makes Bleeder and Toast "concerned", and taking a "wait and see" approach. 

I'm pretty sure, regardless, I'll be making a trip to the vet just to get checked out, but in the meantime I'm milking this for all I can get.

Why don't you go inside and get me a tasty treat since I can't walk