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Sunday, November 6, 2022


 We seem to be back in summer again as Bleeder keeps turning the A/C on. It's over 70 degrees here and rainy. This isn't what I signed on for. I expect cold and snow.

The one fun thing about this "fall" weather are the leaves. LOTS and LOTS of leaves. There are so many leaves that Bleeder started raking them into these amazingly fun piles that allow me to race into them and spread them all over the place. Bleeder rakes, I frolic. Bleeder rakes, and I zoom, spin, and skitter... and then inhale a leaf and gack it out using the patented, alarming coughing and retching sound that sends Bleeder scurrying over to make sure I'm fine. 

It also doesn't make things any better when Bleeder kicks the leaves at me to attack, they go into my mouth, gack.

I do assist with raking by using my handy ring

Leaves are great places to rip a soccer ball into pieces. It's soft and comforting, and holds the ball in place for that perfect eviscerating action.

When leaves get wet... well, they aren't as fun, but they're still very comfy to lay on... until I come back inside the Bleeder has to towel me off because I'm sopping wet.

I also managed to freak them both out when Bleeder found some crusty gunk on my belly. They thought I had hurt myself, but it was just some dead thing dried gunk, but the funny part is that Bleeder actually smelled it when she picked some of it off. I got distracted with a squeaky toy so she could mop me off with a wet wash rag.

This weekend some work people came to the house and I got to supervise them from my crate. They pulled off my dog door, replaced all of the outside trim, squished stinky caulk around the outside and inside, and then reinstalled my dog door. The last people that did it clearly had no clue how to hang a door as it wouldn't shut right, but my door worked perfectly. Bleeder and Toast are getting used to not having to shove the door open with a big clang, then slam it shut with an even louder clang with half the door top sticking out of the frame for the past 4 months. Bleeder stands and watches the door close in amazement every time, she's crazy and easily amused.

As today was waffle Sunday, I'm a bit sleepy, so if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking a short nap before my pre-lunch skitter.