Stripped from the bowels of my friends' Facebook posts and other insanity that comes out of my head


Who I am is no secret, my name is right there on the big honking © symbol.

I started cartooning my friends' Facebook status updates because something they posted made me laugh and what was in my head probably wasn't what they even remotely meant.  After sharing a few cartoons with them, a "Society" was created and pretty soon it seemed as though all of my friends were actually trying to do strange things to get "tooned"... or I just have really strange friends.  Either way, it's a win-win.

I figured that there are people who need a good laugh that aren't on Facebook, and maybe I can make some money off of it to support my handbag addiction. I don't allow comments because I seriously don't have time to read about how great I am, or how funny I am, or how talented I am, or how you are a better cartoonist and I suck, or why didn't I do this or that, or whatever.  If you like it, rate it, share it, laugh at it, send me money and maybe I'll name a handbag after you, post it for everyone to see, or mention you on an episode of Hoarders or something.

Why The Name? 

 Mutatoe is the nickname of one of my Siberian Huskies.

It's pronounced "Moo Tah Toe".

His real name is Loki and he was born with a deformed front foot, hence the nickname.

Don't worry, he has no idea he has an issue, runs like the wind, loves to mop up water and bat you in the head with it.

Loki has a habit of getting into all sorts of trouble (never name your dog Loki, they live up to the name) and constantly finds himself in all sorts of strange situations like getting his ample ass kicked by all sorts of benign things:

A rat snake in our back yard
The stuffed dog toy at the vet
A rug

So it only makes sense that cartoons of all of my friends and myself getting caught up in hapless situations should end up on a blog called "Mutatoe"... because sometimes we're all a little Mutatoe.