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Hire Me

I get requests to cartoon things for people, so rather than send the same blah blah out, I'm putting up this post so I can just cut and paste the link.

There are four ways to get a Penny cartoon: free, personalized, business, non-profit.

  1. Free: You can Facebook post something somewhere that strikes my fancy and I cartoon it.  These cartoons end up on the Facebook page "Society of Penny's Cartooned Friends" group (which anyone can join) and this site.  Feel free to use it for an icon or whatever you want.  They do contain a copyright in the cartoon somewhere, so if you do use it, its nice to be tagged or mentioned somewhere, but are NOT to be used to make money off of. (see #3).  If you like the cartoon and want it on any merchandise that Cafe Press sells, I'll be more than happy to add it to one of my shops for you to purchase (and yes, I receive a modest commission from Cafe Press).  Cartoons in the #1 category will not be modified for any reason no matter how much you beg because that falls under #2.  Since I hold copyright on it, I can do whatever I want with it.  If, for any reason, you object to the cartoon, simply ask to have it removed, it will be removed and deleted forever.  If I see it being used for commercial/business purposes, I will take legal action.
  2. Personal: You want a cartoon but you don't have any concept other than: can you draw my family and just leave it up to me to come up with something, those I do for $50.00.  There are no edits done, it is whatever I provide to you (I'm nice and will do minor tweaking).
  3. Personalized:  You want a special cartoon for whatever reason to use however you personally want.  Special cartoons for personal reasons are done for $100.00.  For that price, you give me your concept, I create the first draft and you can make/suggestion/ask for reasonable changes until you are satisfied.  Once you are satisfied, then you receive a final large version of the cartoon (suitable for print, or just about anything) after you pay for the cartoon (paypal is preferred).  There is a small, obscure copyright on the picture, but you are free to use it how you want for personal use.  It would be nice if you direct people to me that like them, but that's up to you.  I withhold the right to use the cartoon as an example of my work, and promotional purposes but not for sale by me.
  4. Business: If you want a cartoon to be used for a business purpose that will appear in a business logo (creation of a character), article, or will in any way be associated with a company my fee is $15.00 per hour, 2 hour minimum. This includes blogs.  My copyright statement will appear on it in an obscure area of the cartoon, and credit is given on Websites somewhere.   
  5. Non-Profit:  If you are a registered non-profit and having an auction to raise money, I will volunteer to cartoon for the winning bidder as long as the winning bidder is not a business who will use the cartoon for commercial purposes. All proceeds from the auction bid go to the rescue as long as the rescue provides me with a donation statement for the amount of the winning bid.  From there I will work with the winning bidder to provide them with their cartoon.  If you want something done for the non-profit, I charge $15.00 per hour, 2 hour minimum.  Upon agreement at the time of request, I can waive my fee if you provide me with a tax-donation receipt in the amount of the price of the work.
Please note: The only exception I have is that I will not provide business content to another Dog Sled Musher.  I draw exclusively for North Wapiti Kennels.

I hope that clears it all up, and if you have any questions, just send me a Facebook direct message, or e-mail me at Penny

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