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Personalized Cartoon Process

Whether you are paying for a Personalized cartoon, or have won a Personalized cartoon in a charity auction, the process is the same:

We collaborate together (usually through e-mail or chat) so you can give me your concept.  You can provide examples of a concept, and to make it more "real" having pictures of actual people/pets/things helps me to visualize your creation.

I create the first draft and you can make suggestion and ask for reasonable changes until you are satisfied.  

Once you are satisfied, then you receive a final large version of the cartoon (suitable for print, or just about anything) after you pay for the cartoon (paypal is preferred).  If you have won the cartoon in an auction, you will have already paid the charity for the cartoon.

There is a small, obscure copyright on the picture, but you are free to use it how you want for personal use.  It would be nice if you direct people to me that like them, but that's up to you.  I withhold the right to use the cartoon as an example of my work, and promotional purposes but I will not use them to sell.

Here are some examples: