Stripped from the bowels of my friends' Facebook posts and other insanity that comes out of my head


I get bombarded with requests... I don't do requests unless you pay me.  I do this for fun, if you want something specific, that's work and I get paid to work, but I'm reasonable, but you never know, something may strike my fancy, at which point I'll claim whiplash and sue... or I may actually spontaneously toon it.

Go ahead and e-mail me if you want.  All of my e-mail is pre-screened by trained Marmosets who are adept at Spam filtering.

Knock off the animal rights crap, they are free range Marmosets and they have their own union.

I can't promise to read all of your mail, that's just too much pressure, but if you put something interesting in the subject line you'll stand a better chance of having it read eventually, especially if it involves giving me money that isn't tied to a rich uncle in a foreign country.

You stand a much better chance of catching my attention if you join the Society of Penny's Cartooned Friends on Facebook, but even then... no guarantees.

If you really, really, REALLY want to pay me to do something for you, click the HIRE ME button next to Contact and find out how you do that.
Oh, and if you send me stuff, it's mine, what I do with it is mine, it's all mine, MINE! 

E-mail at your own risk: Mutatoe