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Friday, August 1, 2014

Probably Not A Good Idea

You've all seen those amazing "Life Hacks" that show you various and sundry ways to make your life OH SO MUCH BETTER with simplistic solutions to problems you never realized you had until you read the selection of life hacks.

One of them is: make more space in your closet by using soda tabs to hang other hangers on... but if you don't drink soda, then WTF?

The little gem below is from Marie Claire (a magazine full of advertisements for things you'll never be able to afford, or fashion tips for clothes you'll never be able to afford and makeup you'll never be able to duplicate and you'll wind up looking like a back alley prosty)

They claim:
"5. Spray a small amount of vodka on your clothes to eliminate strong odors. If you don't have time to wash a shirt before wearing it again but it has a strong, lingering smell, just spray on some vodka and let it dry. The alcohol will kill odor-causing bacteria."

1.) Do you only own ONE shirt?  You can't muster the day wearing a clean shirt?  You HAVE to drag something out of the dirty clothes that the cat puked on and wear it that day? Here's a real-life hack:  buy more than one shirt!

2.) If I spritzed my clothes with vodka, my day would be spent doing this:

On second thought... it may make work a bit more bearable.