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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Columbus Day

It's that time of year when some people get their panties in a twist about Columbus Day.

It use to be a celebration of the birth of western civilization, and honoring an explorer, as well as THE day to go buy mattresses and white linens or something (or is that President's Day, I get them mixed up).

Now (especially thanks to social media) we get to be guilt shamed about all the crap this guy did, as if we had some say in the matter a zillion years ago.  Show me one explorer that didn't bring a crap load of pain and suffering to the place they "discovered", and if you are so aggrieved by the whole thing, give your house back to the Indians... go ahead, lead by example.

You know what?  I. Don't. Care.

As long as I get a day off from work, you could call it "Run Babies Over With A Steamroller Day" and I still wouldn't care.

Don't like it?  Don't celebrate it, celebrate something else, but don't bother me while I'm sleeping in and "celebrating" by sitting on my butt and eating ice cream out of the container... just like any other holiday, except for Halloween, where I'm sitting in my darkened house eating all of the candy I bought... screw you kids... go get a job and buy your own candy.